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CFO-Level Insight, On-Demand

Need top-notch financial advice but not ready for a full-time CFO? Our part-time CFO services give you the strategic guidance you need, exactly when you need it.

Strategy and Planning Challenges

Struggling to chart a clear financial course? We’re here to fill in the gaps, helping you switch from reactive to proactive with solid financial planning.

Upgrade Your Financial Processes

Are outdated finance methods slowing you down? Our Finance as a Service brings you into the digital age, streamlining and supercharging your financial operations.

Decisions, Decisions

Unsure about your next big business move? We provide the clarity and valuation insights you need to decide with confidence, whether you're buying, selling, or growing.

Tax Law Intricacies

Feel like you’re in a maze with tax laws? We’re here to lead you through, making sure you grab every tax advantage while keeping everything above board.

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Financial Leadership Without the Full-Time Cost

Imagine having CFO-level guidance that scales with your needs and budget. That’s exactly what you get-strategic financial direction that drives growth and stability, with no full-time salary required.

Step Into the Future of Finance

Ready to transform your financial operations? Our FaaS model not only modernizes your processes but also aligns them with cutting-edge tech, making your finances faster, smarter, and more efficient.

Empower Your Business Decisions

Feel like you're shooting in the dark with business choices? We light the way with valuation and advisory services that give you the insight to make decisions that really pay off.

Peace of Mind on Tax Matters

With our tax expertise, wave goodbye to tax worries. We handle the complexities, ensuring you’re making smart tax moves without any compliance headaches.

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Maximizing Company Valuation

Maximize your business valuation with our expert team, including M&A specialists and financial planners, will thoroughly assess your business value and tax impacts. We ensure your financials are audited and align transactions with market values. Our comprehensive Quality of Earnings analysis will demonstrate your business's financial strength to attract the best buyers.

Navigating Complex Due Diligence

Conduct exhaustive due diligence, meticulously reviewing your company’s financials, operations, and legal standing. This comprehensive evaluation highlights potential liabilities and enhances your position, ensuring you present a transparent and attractive profile to potential buyers

Optimizing Tax Strategy for Business Exit

Understanding tax implications is crucial, including the decision between asset sales and stock sales, each with unique fiscal advantages. By focusing on minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing after-tax proceeds, a strategically planned tax approach ensures a financially sound transaction for a successful business transition.

Mastering Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Properly designed deal terms, conditions, payment structures, and post-sale agreements are pivotal. Our expert advisors leverage their extensive experience to orchestrate negotiations that maximize benefits for both buyers and sellers, leading to advantageous and smooth business transitions.

Aligning Expert Team for Superior Sale Outcomes

Selling a business involves a coordinated effort among a diverse team of professionals, including CPAs, attorneys, M&A consultants, and financial advisors. Efficient management of this expert team ensures thorough handling of all sale aspects and robust representation of the seller's interests throughout the process.

Tailoring Our Expertise to Your Business's Unique Needs


IT Services Firms



Hedge Funds/Private Equity/VC


Real Estate Firms


  • Deep dive to comprehend your business.

  • Explore financial history and needs.


  • Tailor a unique financial game plan.
  • Optimize taxes, value business, CFO services.


  • Implement the crafted financial plan.
  • Utilize tools, set up systems, initiate strategies.


  • Continuous management and refinement.
  • Align strategies with market, business dynamics.


  • Regular check-ins and communication.
  • Align with your business’s goals and direction.

Meet Sharmila, CPA: Navigating Successful Exits

Sharmila Damarapati, CPA, is a seasoned financial strategist with extensive experience in accounting, SEC reporting, and policy development across various industries. Her expertise in financial restructuring, revenue recognition, and debt management positions her as a key resource for founders pursuing exit strategies via mergers and acquisitions (M&A). At DBS Partners, she has refined financial transaction processes, ensuring strategic and efficient progress from due diligence to deal closure.

Sharmila’s passion for merging finance with technology enhances the M&A process. Utilizing advanced audit data analytics, she offers precise insights that empower founders to make well-informed decisions, ensuring successful and profitable business transitions.

Adept in US GAAP, IFRS, and other regulatory standards, Sharmila navigates complex financial landscapes to position companies for competitive success. Partnering with her not only enables founders to optimize their exit strategies but also to create lasting legacies.

Sharmila began her career at Deloitte and holds a BS in Accounting and a Master’s in Financial Accounting from Rutgers University.